Delegate Chris Peace Challenges McAuliffe’s Preferential Treatment of Controversial Labor Union

-- Peace to submit budget language to address the Governor’s pro-union issue -- Central Virginia- Delegate Christopher K. Peace (R-Hanover) announced plans this week to introduce draft budget language that would address Governor McAuliffe’s preferential treatment of members of a controversial labor union in his 2015-2016 proposed budget amendments.

Governor McAuliffe’s proposed budget amendment would authorize overtime payment for up to 56 hours per week for consumer-directed (CD) personal assistance, respite, and companion services. McAuliffe’s proposal would pay members time and a half for every hour over 40 per week and potential cost taxpayers more.

The Governor’s proposal is not Medicaid reform but is expansion in another name. DMAS is the agency that administers Medicaid and the State Children’s Health Insurance Program in Virginia. The language proposed in Delegate Peace’s amendment would cap the hours Medicaid would pay for consumer directed services at 40-hours per week and prohibit the Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) from serving as the employer of record.

Finally, Peace’s budget language would protect and hold the Commonwealth harmless while the federal courts resolve the Department of Labor’s authority to require overtime payments at all. Delegate Peace continues to oppose Medicaid expansion.

Delegate Christopher K. Peace was elected to his fifth term representing the 97th District of the Virginia House of Delegates. The District includes parts of Hanover, King William, and all of New Kent County.