November Adoption Month Approved by House of Delegates

Delegate Peace’s Resolutions will help Virginia’s children and families The Senate of Virginia will soon vote on Delegate Chris Peace’s (R-Hanover) resolutions regarding helping children and families. House Joint Resolutions 5 and 41 (HJR) passed the House of Delegates unanimously today.

"Young people with strong character and moral convictions will be successful and contributing members of our communities. They need the knowledge and integrity to make wise decisions when confronted by situations involving alcohol, drugs, sex, tobacco, and violence. They also benefit from the love, leadership, and fortitude displayed in all aspects of their lives by caring and responsible adults who instruct and discipline them in preparation for life's inevitable challenges," Peace said.

HJR 5 designates October as the Right Choices for Youth Month in Virginia in order to promote character and integrity amongst Virginia youth.

HJR 41 recognizes November as Virginia Adoption Awareness Month in order to promote and make Virginians aware of adoption services and the adoption process in Virginia.

HJR 5 and HJR 41 now await adoption by the State Senate.