Peace Supports Gov. Mitt Romney


Delegate Christopher K. Peace (R-Mechanicsville) recently announced that he has joined Governor Mitt Romney as a member of Romney for President National Faith and Values Steering Committee, which is a coalition of supporters who will advise Governor Romney on matters of faith and values.

“I understand the importance of supporting a candidate who will reflect your values when it comes to pro-family issues. As a former advocate for The Family Foundation of Virginia, the Commonwealth’s oldest and largest pro-family organization, I worked to pass legislation that protects children from viewing pornography at the public library as well as efforts to protect the rights of parents to be involved with their children’s lives when it comes to medical decisions, such as the use of contraception or treatment for sexually transmitted diseases. As a Delegate, I have earnestly supported legislation to protect the unborn and successfully fought to defend a parent’s role in raising a child when making serious medical decisions such as HPV vaccination,” said Del. Peace.

He continued “The Romneys celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary this year and have five sons, five daughters-in-law, and ten grandchildren. They are clearly a family Ashley and I can be proud of and one which reflects our traditional Virginia values.”

In a previous statement by the Governor, Romney said "The men and women of our National Steering Committee represent decades spent defending faith, religious expression and traditional values. I believe that our Party and our nation must stand for strong families, traditional marriage and the sanctity of human life. I am proud to be joined by these leaders in our campaign to change Washington."

Peace is especially excited to reunite with noted Constitutional Attorney and Supreme Court Advocate Jay Sekulow who taught the Delegate in law school. Peace said that Sekulow has argued and won some of the most important pro-family cases before the Supreme Court in the last decade. Chair of the Steering Committee Mr. Sekulow said, "Governor Romney has a strong record of defending traditional values and supporting the faith community. He is the one candidate who has spoken to the importance of promoting stronger families. In Washington, he will stand alongside those defending our most important values."

Governor Mitt Romney is the first Republican to file for ballot access in Virginia. Yesterday, Governor Romney announced his intent to participate in the Virginia Presidential Primary Election to be held on February 12, 2008. Virginia Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling and Delegate Chris Peace submitted the necessary petitions and paperwork to the Virginia State Board of Elections office requesting that Governor Romney's name appear on the Virginia Republican primary ballot.

Peace will be offering remarks on Saturday as Governor Romney’s surrogate at the Republican Party of Virginia's 24th Annual Huffman Advance and Presidential Straw Poll. Peace feels Romney has a vision for how to bring needed conservative change to Washington and to keep America strong.