Transportation Reform Act of 2007 - Click Here for Details

This comprehensive transportation plan will: 1) give Virginia’s fast-growing localities more authority to combat sprawl and traffic congestion; enact significant reforms to the state’s delivery of transportation services; and 3) inject over $2 billion into Virginia’s network of roads, railways and public transit. It does so without statewide tax increases. It also does so without any regional (or statewide) sales, income or gas tax increases.

In addition, the plan dedicates at least $250 million each in General Fund revenues to transportation, requiring spending reductions. It removes more revenue authority from localities than it grants, making it more than revenue neutral in granting authority. Finally, tax cuts going into effect in FY 08 (e.g., Death Tax repeal, $140 million annualized reduction) offset the increases in fees in the statewide portion of the plan, excluding the abuser fee penalties on repeat DUI, reckless or aggressive drivers.

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