Delegate Chris Peace Earns 100% Voting Record Score from NFIB/Virginia

Nicole Riley, state director of the National Federation of Independent Business, announced recently that Delegate Chris Peace (R-Hanover) earned a score of 100 percent on the 2016-2017 NFIB/Virginia Voting Record.  NFIB/Virginia is the Commonwealth's leading small-business association, with 6,700 small-business members statewide.

"What this means is that Delegate Peace has stood up for Virginia's job creators time and again on important issues such as tax relief, health-care reform and the right of employees to cast secret ballots in union organization elections," Riley said.

Small businesses account for 98 percent of the Commonwealth's employers and employ nearly half of Virginia's non-government workforce, according to federal government statistics.

"Our members truly appreciate the efforts of legislators such as Chris Peace to help Virginia's small-businesses grow and create jobs," Riley said.

Peace has visited small businesses and Chambers of Commerce in the district and shared a report of the 2017 General Assembly Session, calling attention to the good news regarding a reduction of taxes and fees on businesses, particularly those on small business. 

Included in his 2017 legislative package and included in the NFIB voting record was House Bill 1943, introduced by Delegate Peace.  With unanimous support in both chambers, HB 1943 is now law and requires the Virginia Department of Planning and Budget (DPB), to provide an opportunity for businesses affected by a proposed change in regulation to comment on the financial impact of the proposed new rule.  DPB would be required to consider these comments in the economic impact analysis of the proposed regulation. 

Speaking about the bill and his perfect pro-business vote score, Peace said, “Allowing businesses to have a greater voice in the regulatory process especially as it pertains to the direct financial impact on their bottom line is critical to good government.  Onerous regulatory requirements often make it extremely difficult, expensive, and time-consuming to do business. Regulations should be transparent, fair, and impose minimal financial burdens on businesses and families.”

Download a PDF copy of the 2016-2017 NFIB/Virginia Voting Record at

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Delegate Chris Peace is frequently rated one of Virginia’s most business-friendly conservatives. Peace’s voting record shows a consistent focus on opposing tax increases, protecting family values defending the Constitution, and promoting job creation and a high quality of life in Hanover, King William, and New Kent counties.