House Passes Peace Career & Technical Education Bill on Behalf of King William County Public Schools

--Delegate Peace is committed to educational opportunities in Virginia’s Schools—- Bill requested by King William County Public Schools -

Central Virginia – Delegate Christopher K. Peace (R-Hanover) announces passage of House Bill 682 by a vote of 98-0. HB 682, creates a waiver program for teacher licensure requirements as it pertains to trade and industrial education programs.

The measure allows any division superintendent to apply to the Department of Education for an annual waiver of the teacher licensure requirements for any individual whom the local school board hires or seeks to hire to teach in a trade and industrial education program who has obtained or is working toward an industry credential relating to the program area and who has at least 4,000 hours of recent and relevant employment experience, as defined by the Board pursuant to regulation. The Department of Education shall establish a procedure for submitting, receiving, and acting upon such annual waiver applications.

Speaking to the bill, King William County Public School Interim Superintendent Stacy Johnson stated, “As we add CTE courses to our program of studies, it is imperative that we hire instructors who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in their field. These types of instructors do not always follow, or want to follow, the traditional path to obtaining a teaching license. This legislation allows us the flexibility to hire part-time instructors who have the necessary work experience and knowledge but also have the desire to train the future workforce.”

"The passage of this bill will enable King William County Public Schools and Bridging Communities Regional Career and Technical Center and Governor's STEM Academy more flexibility in securing instructors with industry credentials and experience. They will be more likely to accept a position without the previous constraints in licensing for K-12. We thank Delegate Peace for listening and creating legislation that is most helpful to us," asserted Kathy Morrison, Chair, King William School Board.

When speaking about the bill, Delegate Peace said, “Our commitment to a strong future requires an educated workforce. An educated workforce is also key to a competitive workforce, so to that end, one of my goals is to foster an environment where students can get the best education possible which fits their individual career goals. CTE students are not second-class students.”

He continued, “While some students will attend Virginia's universities or community colleges, there are other students who would benefit from a career readiness program that provides technical training for jobs in high paying manufacturing fields. This bill will ensure these students have access to these valuable classes.”