Peace Statement on New Kent Level 2 Trauma Center Proposal

Delegate Christopher K. Peace (R-Hanover) today issued the following statement on the recent announcement of a proposed level 2 trauma center to be located in the Bottoms Bridge area of New Kent County: “I was honored to be asked in March to submit a letter of support on behalf of the County and the applicant to establish an outpatient imaging center with CT and MRI services at a freestanding emergency department in New Kent County to the Virginia Department of Health.”

“This project will be extremely beneficial for New Kent County, its residents and families. I also believe that it may help with attracting jobs and new taxpayers to the county. Notwithstanding the health benefits, New Kent County has recently experienced the loss of a major industry and economic engine in Colonial Downs and economic growth is a priority of mine for the county. The potential addition of a new industry that employs locally and provides health and well-being to families would be a welcomed event.”

In a recent article authored by Andre jones of the New Kent Chronicle dated 7/20/15, County Administrator Rodney Hathaway confirmed the possibility of a medical facility in Quinton and he was quoted therein: “The proposal is currently going through a variety of public hearings being hosted by the Virginia Health Commission (VHC),” Hathaway said. “Their next one is July 29 and I know it is becoming a topic of discussion that is gaining steam.”