Pamunkey Regional Jail Authority Secures Needed Funds in State Budget

Del. Peace successfully secured the funding for much needed improvements due to overcrowding

Central Virginia- The Pamunkey Regional Jail Authority which is responsible for management of the local regional jail near Hanover Courthouse faced an uncertain financial future regarding construction work approved to increase bed space at the facility which serves Caroline and Hanover. Specifically, the conversion of recreation area to dormitory beds is needed to relieve overcrowding but the cost for that reimbursement was of equal import. Authority representatives and Hanover County requested budget support this session from Delegate Chris Peace (97th District) for this important public safety project.

Peace responded to this request by filing an amendment to the state budget to secure funds to reimburse 50% of the eligible costs for the Pamunkey Regional Jail (PRJ) Authority. The amendment was approved and adopted on February 26, 2015 by a 95-5 vote wind authorizes that reimbursement of $288,575.

Speaking to the funding, Hanover County Sheriff, Colonel David R. Hines, states, “This project not only ensures that the facility continues to provide a safe and secure environment for the staff and inmates, it maintains cost saving measures by repurposing space to meet existing and future needs. I am thankful for the leadership team at Pamunkey Regional Jail and Delegate Chris Peace for ensuring the Jail continues to provide services not only to Hanover, Caroline, and the Town of Ashland, but throughout the Commonwealth.”

Regional jails such as PRJ often house inmates that are eligible to be incarcerated at facilities run by the Department of Corrections. Said another way, local jails are housing state inmates at a discount to the state. At least 60 inmates per day are housed at PRJ who would normally be transferred to a Dept. of Corrections facility (if there was space available at one). The expectation is that number is likely to go up, especially as the Dept. of Corrections continues to face declining budgets and reduced funds for future expansion.

“I am proud to have been able to work with my House colleagues to facilitate reimbursement of close to $300,000 to an important part of Hanover's public safety infrastructure for improvements to the jail. As a strong supporter of our law enforcement community I am glad to be called a friend of public safety in the Commonwealth.”

Delegate Chris Peace is frequently rated one of Virginia’s most business-friendly conservatives. Peace’s voting record shows a consistent focus on opposing tax increases, protecting family values defending the Constitution, and promoting job creation and a high quality of life in Hanover, King William and New Kent counties.