Peace Statement on Support of Veteran and Law Enforcement 2015 Legislative Agendas

Delegate Chris Peace is proud to highlight his strong voting record supporting veteran and law enforcement priorities. Delegate Peace voted in support of 100% of the 2015 legislation championed by the Virginia Fraternal Order of Police, Joint Leadership Council of Veterans Services Organizations (JLC), Military Officers Association of America (MOAA), and the Board of Veterans Services (BVS). Delegate Peace co-sponsored legislation to provide for two new Veterans Care Centers where there are higher volumes of veterans in need of care in Hampton Roads (HB 1275) and Northern Virginia (HB 1276). He also co-sponsored HB 1641, a measure to require that all agencies in the executive branch of state government and all public institutions of higher education shall be certified in accordance with the Department of Veterans Services as part of its Virginia Values Veterans Program. Del. Peace, having been named Rookie of the Year by the Virginia State Police, has always supported law enforcement.

Priorities of the Virginia Fraternal Order of Police (VFOP) included HB 1606, a bill which defines "private police department" as any police department that employs private police officers operated by an entity authorized by statute or an act of assembly to establish a private police department.

The 2010 Appropriations Act established the Line of Duty Act (LODA) Fund with the Virginia Retirement System (VRS) as the investment manager. The LODA Fund provides a funding source for Line of Duty Act benefits that cover certain hazardous duty personnel who are paid or who volunteer. Peace voted in support of HB 2204, a measure to amend LODA to protect all public safety personal with benefits. The measure passed the House by a vote of 100-0.

“Delegate Chris Peace has a strong legislative voting record of supporting VFOP initiatives. I am glad to call him a friend of public safety and law enforcement in the Commonwealth,” asserted former VFOP State President, Marty Williams.

Delegate Peace has been recognized for his support of military and veterans issues by Veterans of Foreign Wars of America and has previously been named Legislative Rookie of the Year by the Virginia Sheriff’s Association also in recognition of his strong legislative voting record in support of law enforcement officers across the Commonwealth.

Delegate Chris Peace is frequently rated one of Virginia’s most business-friendly conservatives. Peace’s voting record shows a consistent focus on opposing tax increases, protecting family values defending the Constitution, and promoting job creation and a high quality of life in Hanover, King William and New Kent counties.