Virginia Awarded $17.5 Million Federal Preschool Expansion Grant

Governor McAuliffe’s Office recently announced that Virginia’s application for a federal Preschool Development Grant was successful. Through the grant, the Commonwealth will receive $17.5 million, per year, for four years to provide a “VPI+” preschool program. This will include 100 new classrooms by the 4th year, and improved quality in 96 existing classrooms. As Chairman of the Virginia Commission on Youth, Delegate Peace said, “Virginia has a very strong K-12 education system, with great teachers and great students. But we have to continue to innovate and start early. Before children enroll in kindergarten, the gap begins to emerge for those who don’t have access to high-quality early childhood education. I believe that with strategic purpose, we can reduce these disparities much like we have reduced the number of children in foster care. The return is clear and will create long-term savings and sustainability. In September, I directed the Commission on Youth to send a letter of support for Virginia’s application for Federal Preschool Expansion Grant funds to HHS Secretary Burwell and DOE Secretary Duncan. I am proud that our Commission on Youth was able to be yet a small part of supporting the effort to secure grant funds.”

COY Letter of Support