Delegate Christopher K. Peace named Vice Chair of House General Laws Committee and Chairman of Appropriations’ Transportation Subcommittee

--In advance of the 2014 General Assembly Session, Speaker of the House and Chairman of the Appropriation Committee name Chairman--

Central Virginia – Delegate Christopher K. Peace (R-Hanover) received two significant appointments for the upcoming 2014 General Assembly Session.  House Speaker William J. Howell named Delegate Peace as Vice-Chairman of the General Laws Committee.  Additionally, Delegate S. Chris Jones, in-coming Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, appointed Peace as Chairman of the House Appropriations Transportation Subcommittee.

Speaking about the appointments, Delegate Peace said, "It is a great honor and responsibility to be entrusted with these two additional leadership positions, especially at a critical time of state government transition and continuing economic recovery."

The Appropriations Committee handles all legislation with fiscal impact, including the adoption of the biennial state budget, claims, issuance of debt, and other matters concerning the expenditure of funds.

In response to becoming Chairman of the Transportation Subcommittee, Del. Peace noted, "Top priorities include working to ensure that transportation projects and their associated funding sources are transparent, effective and accountable. We must ensure that projects are funded with the right financing, getting the biggest bang for the tax dollar. We also must look to innovative approaches to transportation. Ultimately we need to solve transportation problems in the areas of greatest need and also in those places that can have a return on our investment. This is important so we can keep Virginia the best state in the country for business. A predictable and consistent flow of commerce in getting goods to market and people to and from work is vital to our overall economic outlook. Otherwise, I look forward to continuing to serve my constituents and the Commonwealth in my new roles."

In an effort to serve the Commonwealth to the best of his ability and address transportation needs and policy across the state, Delegate Peace has convened a blue ribbon panel to serve as his Transportation Advisory Council. This council will prepare briefings on existing projects and provide a SWOT analysis of our transportation infrastructure moving forward. Considerations will be given to multi-modal systems, rail and aviation.

"My Transportation Advisory Council incorporates a diverse set of members who will bring a variety of perspectives and leadership experiences from across the transportation sector, including freight rail, commuter rail, transportation infrastructure and engineering, commercial distribution, and shipping and port industry," explained Delegate Peace.

The General Laws committee is responsible for a large variety of legislation, ranging from alcoholic beverage licenses and sales to Veteran's Affairs. In addition to his recent appointment to Vice-Chairman of General Laws, Del. Peace will remain Chairman of the Housing Subcommittee.