Delegate Peace Appointed to Leadership Metro Richmond Board of Directors

Delegate Christopher K. Peace (R-Hanover) was recently appointed to serve on the Board of Directors of Leadership Metro Richmond (LMR).  As a Class of 2005 member Peace has first-hand experience with the program and knows the important value of the program to the community. "Through participation in LMR I opened lines of communications with leaders from across the Richmond region, identified regional challenges, and established friendships which assist me in serving the region and my constituents in the legislature.  I look forward to serving on the Board as we work to continue to advance the mission of LMR." stated Peace.

According to their website, Leadership Metro Richmond’s mission is to connect and education a diverse group of community leaders, inspiring them to serve the Richmond region.  LMR achieves this through various programs, including the annual class.  The annual class advances this mission by providing participants the opportunity to learn more about challenges facing the region, the opportunity to enhance their abilities for community-wide leadership, and the opportunity to continue building their relationships with other community leaders.

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