United States Chamber of Commerce Commends Virginia as America's "Most Livable State" in Annual Enterprising States Rankings

– Virginia has #1 Median Family Income, #1 STEM Job Concentration and #1 High-tech Share of all Businesses – Report Cites the Effect of Governor McDonnell's Signature Top Jobs Act in Boosting Virginia's Talent Pipeline

From the Report: Virginia - The Emerging East Coast Economic Superstar: "Virginia's pro-growth policies and favorable business climate have made the commonwealth a leader in economic growth over the last decade…Virginia's low tax and regulatory environment, coupled with its proximity to the nation's capital have made the state one of the most attractive locations for both domestic and international ­firms. Its strength in the rapidly growing professional services sectors, along with its highly educated workforce and potential as a transportation and industrial hub position it well for the future."

RICHMOND - The United States Chamber of Commerce commended Virginia as America's "Most Livable State" in its annual "Enterprising States: Policies that Produce" ranking. The report noted that Virginia ranks #1 nationally in median family income, STEM job concentration and in the high-tech share of all businesses. Among other things, the report attributes Virginia's success to its low tax and regulatory environment, its highly educated workforce, potential as a transportation and industrial hub, Governor McDonnell's 'forward-looking' Top Jobs of the 21st Century higher education legislation, the Virginia Economic Development Partnership's aggressive job creation efforts, the Port of Virginia, the governor's $4 billion transportation funding program and the governor's "Year of the Entrepreneur" effort.

Speaking about the "Enterprising States" report from the United States Chamber of Commerce, Governor McDonnell said, "This report confirms what we already knew: that Virginia is the best state in which to make a living and pursue the American Dream. What makes Virginia's jobs climate the best in the nation is that our policy-makers listen to our entrepreneurs and job creators. I am pleased to see this affirmation of Virginia's pro-jobs policies from the world's largest business federation and will work tirelessly to build and sustain a business climate that will put more Virginians back to work.  We will also study this report and continue to reach out to businesses in Virginia and abroad to see how we can continue to improve and grow and attract more jobs to Virginia."

Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling said, "This is great news for Virginia, and further indication that the emphasis we have placed on improving Virginia's economy is working.  We've clearly made a lot of progress over the past two years in re-establishing Virginia as the nation's leader in so many areas, but we have a lot of work left to do.  If we continue emphasizing economic development and job creation and addressing critical issues in education and transportation we will continue to do well.  It's just great to see our efforts and accomplishments recognized in such a positive way on the national level."

The full report from the United States Chamber of Commerce is available here: http://www.uschamber.com/sites/default/files/reports/Enterprising-States-2012-web.pdf