Delegate Peace joins fellow legislators in support of clinic safety regulations

Letters calls for adoption of the safety regulations for clinics that perform abortions CENTRAL VA- Delegate Christopher K. Peace (R-Hanover) joins his colleagues and members of the Conservative Caucus of the Virginia General Assembly to express unqualified support for clinic safety regulations drafted by the Department of Health.  Through a joint letter recently sent, Peace urges the Board of Health to adopt these vital safety regulations.

“Virginia’s abortion clinics have operated without reasonable guidelines and supervision for far too long, needlessly endangering women who make the difficult decision to procure an abortion.  By passing Senate Bill 924, the General Assembly sent a clear message.  This legislation requires the Board of Health to adopt regulations holding such clinics in Virginia to the same standards as outpatient care, that of reasonable health and safety standards,” asserted Peace.

During session, it was disclosed that at least two abortion clinics in Virginia are owned and operated by individuals without a license to practice medicine in the Commonwealth.  These individuals are under investigation in other states for putting the lives of women at risk.  The legislature responded by passing this important legislation.

The regulations proposed by medical experts at the Department of Health will help to safeguard the health of women who in unfortunate circumstances choose to abort their unborn child.

General Assembly members fully understand the complexities of the issue and have debated abortion center safety for nearly two decades.  Prior to passage, the Senate of Virginia debated the legislation over the course of two days and heard every plausible argument both for and against the bill.

The Conservative Caucus is composed of members of the Senate of Virginia and the House of Delegates that advocate and support low taxes and the reduction of government spending, promoting job growth, reducing crime and values based proposals.

Delegate Peace has a legislative record of supporting legislation which protects the principles of life, marriage, parental authority, constitutional government, and religious liberty.  He has been awarded a 100 on the Family Foundation report card each year since being elected.