Americans for Prosperity Offers Mixed Reaction to General Assembly's Budget Recommendations

-Limited government organization calls on Senators to embrace House recommendations- RICHMOND– The Virginia chapter of Americans for Prosperity today applauded the House of Delegates while blasting the Senate as legislators unveiled their plans to close a more than $4 billion budget deficit.

"Virginia taxpayers should be pleased with the recommendations offered today by the House Appropriations Committee. They have made tough choices that will lead to long term budget reform in Virginia.

We think the House budget is one of the best budgets Richmond has produced in more than a decade and we're also glad that many of AFP-VA's budget recommendations found their way into the House plan," said Marchi.

Marchi pointed out that the house plan still includes some fee increases and pork-barrel spending but that they are preferable to what the Senate has offered.

"Senate leaders from both parties deserve nothing but scorn for raising taxes on hardworking Virginians in these tough economic times. The ammendments presented today by the Senate Finance Committee are an insult to any Virginian who pays taxes. We send our Senators to Richmond to act as responsible stewards of our hard-earned money. Today, they have failed us."

Nearly three weeks ago, Delegates Ben Cline (R-Lexington) and Brenda Pogge (R-James City) joined Marchi at a capitol press conference to unveil AFP-Virginia’s "Commonsense Model Budget." The model budget provided an overview of where cuts might be made. Copies of the model budget were distributed to all legislators as well as the administration in hopes they would be used as an extra tool in forging through the tough choices that naturally come with cutting the pork in government.

Contained in the House plan was AFP-VA’s recommendations to roll back Medicaid income eligibility for some programs and freeze others. AFP-VA's call for the consolidation of disability service agencies and reductions in museums and cultural entities also made the list.

Marchi said the fight is not yet over though: We will hold accountable, any Delegate or Senator who attempts to erase this deficit by raising taxes on hard working Virginians.”

AFP-VA's model budget can be viewed here:

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