Virginia Society for Human Life PAC Endorses Delegate Christopher K. Peace

Central Virginia – The Virginia Society for Human Life PAC today endorsed the re-election of Delegate Christopher K. Peace (R-Mechanicsville) to the Virginia House of Delegates. Peace’s legislative voting record was reviewed by the PAC prior to their endorsement. In the endorsement letter received by Peace the PAC asserted, “We are grateful for the strong and consistent pro-life voting record you have compiled and the leadership you have demonstrated during your tenure in the House of Delegates.”

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of the VSHL PAC. I have worked to pass legislation that protects the unborn, such as “Conner’s Law,” which makes it a crime to injure or kill an unborn child during an attack on the mother. I have supported measures to protect the rights of parents to be involved with their children’s lives when it comes to medical decisions, such as the use of contraception or treatment for sexually transmitted diseases. I offered an amendment to the HPV vaccine bill, which as a result now includes a parental choice opt-out clause,” stated Peace.

The purpose of VSHL PAC is to further the aims of VSHL in promoting the respect and protection of human life through political means. The PAC goal is to help identify candidates for political office who respect human life. Unlike their 501 C 4 and 501 C 3 organizations, the PAC is at liberty to freely disseminate information about specific political candidates and educate voters as to who really is the prolife candidate. They do, however, restrict their issues to the prolife issue.