Mechanicsville Local: Letter to the Editor

Resident: Roads get attention I read with interested a letter published recently regarding a perceived lack of road maintenance in Hanover County.

The facts are that our area roads have such much improvement recently. U.S. 360 and Cold Harbor and Pole Green roads have been repaved and widened in places.

Our delegate, Chris Peace, working in conjunction with our supervisors, is to be commended for helping to deliver these necessary improvements.

The article also seemed to reflect negatively on Del. Peace because the author did not get the response she wanted.

The truth is that Del. Peace is dedicated to good customer service and cares about his constituents. Recently, he successfully negotiated the correction of a serious problem on behalf of our Gaines Mill Homeowners Association, located just off Cold Harbor Road in Mechanicsville.

Residents had been unable to get any help from the local VDOT (Virginia Department of Transportation) office to correct a serious erosion problem regarding a lake crossing in our neighborhood. About a month ago, the dirt and grass sank in a 4x4-inch area and the crossing's safety was impaired.

When the local VDOT office told us it was the homeowners association's responsibility, we called Del. Peace to advocate on our behalf. Less than a week later, the repairs were completed.

As a driver and homeowner in Gaines Mill, who uses this lake crossing almost every day, I want to thank Del. Peace for his service and for being responsive to his constituents.

Carol Ware Mechanicsville

Mechanicsville Local