May 2009: Peace Progress

Peace Progress


A Monthly 97th District Update May 2009


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Message From Chris


Jack Kemp, "Bleeding Heart Conservatism," and the Richmond Region


Happy Odd Day! As I write this message, my dad informed me that May 7, 2009 is only one of six days this century that the consecutive numbers of month, day and year are all odd. They are 1/3/05, 3/5/07, 5/7/09, 7/9/11, 9/11/13, 11/13/15.  But I digress...


George W. Bush called himself a "compassionate conservative." But before Bush, Jack Kemp, recently deceased, called himself a "bleeding-heart conservative" and espoused a notion that he was going "to change minds." I want to share with you a brief snapshot of a powerful mind opening experience I had recently.


Last month Homeward hosted an unusual opportunity for community and elected leaders to learn firsthand about the lives of those we often forget, the less fortunate. On April 23rd, I arrived at The Conrad Center of Freedom House, located at 1400 Oliver Hill Way, across from City Jail, to begin my day participating in our region's first "Walking in Their Shoes" event as part of Affordable Housing Awareness Week.  Homeward's mission is to prevent, reduce and end homelessness by facilitating creative solutions through the collaboration, coordination and cooperation of regional resources and services.


On average the Richmond region sees 1,150 men, women, and children homeless. In this economy,  potentially thousands more are one paycheck or one personal crisis away from a similar situation.  On this day, I experienced a glimpse of what sorts of life circumstances led these families and individuals to homelessness.  As a participant in "Walking in Their Shoes" I also had the opportunity to explore the paths which would actually lead them out of homelessness which is the ultimate goal. These paths included finding access to services, job searches and reentry programs. In my "role" as a single parent, I had to find a way from Azalea and Chamberlayne to the City's Social Services office on Marshall Street near the Capitol. It was striking to see some of my colleagues heading to the Capitol while I was on a bus to sign up for Food Stamps and TANF. Talk about two worlds! When I arrived I learned how getting back on your feet can often be a full time job especially if you were toting children. The info desk clerk informed me that it would be at least a 4 hour process to sign up for services that would then take between 30 and 45 days to process. If you would like to know more about by day please do not hesitate to write or call. Homeward's link is enclosed in this message.


This experience seems all the more relevant in light of the passing of Cong. Jack Kemp. I really appreciated former Republican candidate for Attorney General and Governor Wyatt Durrette's words when he wrote in Virginia Tomorrow: "[Kemp] understood that if your heart is not torn by the plight of many less fortunate among us, and you have no capacity to care about them, you are crippled as a human being. It is not the "bleeding heart" that merits scorn, but rather what one does and how one approaches public policy and the proper role of governments at various levels that matters.  This is where the debate should focus."


If we are to develop as individuals, as a people, as a community, and even as a successful, sustainable party we must execute the play called by our congressional quarterback decades ago. We need to build bridges across all lines for more than political points. In life's huddle, we can never fail if we get out of our comfort zones, listen to others and try to learn more about other's perspectives. Be courageous. 


Virginia Tomorrow article:


Time Magazine Piece on Kemp:,8599,1896881,00.html




Get Involved 


**If you would like to serve on my 97th District Advisory Committee please contact my office.  I need support from many people active in the communities of the 97th.  I desire input from constituents, local leaders, the business community, the faith-based community, educators, and more.  I feel that to effectively serve the people of the 97th District and the Commonwealth, it is important that I develop a clear understanding of all of the issues and how they will impact the citizens of our district and Virginia. Advisory Committee meetings will be held on a regular basis.  If interested in serving please contact my office at 804-730-3737 or e-mail me at  or     


Norman Sulser is the 97th legislative district chair.  He can be reached at


Mark Your Calendars 



Ladysmith Day, May 16th, 2009 10am-5pm is a day to celebrate what makes this area unique.  In order to fully utilize the resources of our area, this event will occur at different locations around Ladysmith. The events will be serviced by a system of trolley shuttles, to allow attendees to travel from one event, to the others; free of charge.

The trolleys will be divided into four routes, all beginning at the Street Festival at the Ladysmith Business Park. Please visit the trolley route page to learn where the trolleys will go, and what events are planned at each stop. The trolleys will run from 10 am - 5 pm. Trolleys will be spaced 30 - 40 minutes apart, except at the Virginia Bazaar, where trolleys will stop every 15 to 20 minutes.  Those who live in Pendleton, Lake Land'Or, Ladysmith Village, Lake Caroline, Campbell's Creek, and Glen Meadows are encouraged to walk/bike/drive to their respective trolley stop, and ride the trolley to ease stress on the parking lot at the Street Festival.


Rock N Skate. Pole Green Park Saturday, May 16 9AM to 12 Noon.  Skateboarders, do you like to 'pump up the volume? Love that adrenaline rush?  Come out with your friends and show off your best pivot, ollie or transfer!  The newly revamped event features: skateboard demonstrations, give-aways, climbing wall, and music to jam to.  Food will also be available for purchase.



Varina Day.  For all ages. The Varina Ruritan Club, in cooperation with Henrico County Division of Recreation and Parks, is hosting its 14th Annual Varina Community Day. Come out and celebrate the community! Live music and entertainment will be held throughout the day. Children's activities include a petting zoo, face painting, a moonwalk, and more. If your organization would like to reserve a booth for Varina Day, please call Randy Welch at 328-4500. Information: Jeannie Murray, 501-5121.  Sat, June 6, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.  Dorey Park. Free.


King and Queen County:

Virginia Celebrates with Style, June 13th, 2009 Festival  10AM-5PM 

Enjoy Wine Tasting, Artwork and a day of music at the historic Locust Grove Farm in Walkerton - King and Queen County. Just a short drive from Richmond, Fredericksburg or Virginia Beach.  Artists and Virginia Farm Wineries will be attending the event on the bluffs of the Mattaponi River at Locust Grove Farm.  Only 30 minutes from Richmond on the Middle Peninsula. Reservations and Information 804-769-8201.


King William:

King William County Parks and Recreation Presents: Tea Tyme, Saturday, May 23, 2009 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM, Cool Spring Primary School Cafeteria.  It's Tea Tyme in the Spring.  Come out for an afternoon of tea with a few of your closest friends.  You will create a beautiful craft, enjoy some fruity tea, and a few snacks.  If you like, you can dress up for the occasion.  Please bring a teacup and saucer.  Registration Fe: $10 per person.  A photographer will be onsite to take pictures,  (cost of photo not included in the registration fee).  For girls ages 6-13.  For more information call Ramonda Pollard, Recreation Coordinator at 769-4994 or e-mail at


New Kent:

May 13 B-B-Q Dinner 5:30 to 8 pm at the Providence Forge Recreation Center on Carriage Road East of Providence Forge.  $7 per plate, $15 per quart.  The Benefit the Adam Fund.  For more information call Lynn McPherson at 932-8349.



2009 Spring Concert Featuring Music From The Musical, "Oklahoma" Saturday May 16 8:00 PM and Sunday May 17 3:00 PM.  Concerts are held at the Spotsylvania Middle School 8801 Courthouse Rd. Linda Monner, Conductor, Marilla Haas, Accompanist. for more details. 


For More Information Contact

Phil Giaramita, (804) 864-7008 or (804) 652-5997


The current H1N1 influenza outbreak is caused by an influenza A virus not previously detected in humans or animals. Symptoms are similar to those of seasonal flu and typically include fever, cough and sore throat. Additional symptoms may include headache, chills and fatigue. Persons with H1N1 flu are contagious for up to seven days after the onset of illness and possibly longer if they are still symptomatic.   Dr. Remley advised anyone with these symptoms to protect themselves, their families and their neighbors by: staying home from work or school and limiting their contact with others to keep from infecting them  calling their health care providers or local health department before seeking care so that the necessary infection control measures can be put in place  covering their nose and mouth with a tissue when they cough or sneeze and throwing the tissue in the trash after use washing their hands often with soap and water, especially after they cough or sneeze. Alcohol-based hand cleaners also are effective.  "We have established an information line at (877) ASK-VDH3, or (877) 275-8343, for anyone with concerns or questions about H1N1 flu," said Dr. Remley. The hotline, which will be open May 1 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., assisted 750 callers today.


Constituent Services


I am always happy to assist residents of the 97th District in dealing with state agencies. As your Delegate, I want to make sure that your government is working for you and that your rights are respected.  While I cannot require an agency to make a specific determination on your behalf, I am happy to assist you with cutting the red tape and getting you the answers you seek.  My office can serve as a liaison between my constituents and the state.   My office takes the responsibility of serving seriously.  My staff is available during the week to assist you with your concerns; I am also readily available.  I encourage you to contact us.  Please continue to contact me whenever you have concerns or issues of importance to our community and the Commonwealth.    I may be reached at:                                                            Capitol Office:                                                             PO Box 406                                                             Richmond, VA 23218                                                             Phone: 804-698-1097

                                                            Fax: 804-698-6797


                                                              District Office:                                                             7494 Lee Davis Rd, Suite 16F                                                             PO Box 819                                                             Mechanicsville, VA 23111                                                             Phone: 804-730-3737                                                             Fax: 804-730-5049                                                          E-mail:


 ***Please make note of the legislative e-mail address change.  To insure consistency among all Virginia government entities, the General Assembly of Virginia is changing all website and email addresses from the '' naming convention to  Therefore our new e-mail address is


New Media Services


Please visit my website and find me on Facebook:






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