Health Benefits Questions: Qimonda Richmond

Qimonda employees impacted by the announced shut down of the Richmond factory have several options regarding health benefits. Typically, health benefits for employees (and family members included in the employee’s 2009 Benefits election) end on an employee’s last day of employment (also known as the date of separation). This is a standard industry policy and is the same process used for employees who voluntarily leave the company. Following an employee’s date of separation, they have the option of transferring to a spouse’s medical plan or to continue medical benefits through COBRA.

The difference for employees impacted by the February 3 shut-down is that Qimonda is not financially able to help subsidize the cost of COBRA for employees who elect it, but the opportunity to enroll in the same health coverage, under COBRA, is provided.

Any medical/vision/dental claims that were incurred prior to an employee’s date of separation will be covered (assuming the procedures complied with the employee’s specific benefits elections), since they were still officially Qimonda employees at that time.

Some details on COBRA:

If employees, or former employees, have questions, here is some contact information: • Impacted employees will be contacted within three weeks by SHPS, Qimonda’s benefits administrator, to enroll in COBRA benefits continuation. However, employees can also contact SHPS directly to expedite COBRA enrollment if needed. SHPS can be contacted at 1-888-498-5520 or • COBRA is available to you and your covered dependents for up to 18 months following your separation, and includes all medical/vision/dental benefits elected during Qimonda’s 2009 Benefits Enrollment process. • Employees have up to 60 days to enroll in COBRA. If elected, they are responsible for the full cost of COBRA for up to 18 months or sooner based on need. • Once enrolled, if payments are not received with 30 days of the due date, COBRA coverage is terminated. • If an employee elected to participate in the heathcare flexible spending account for 2009, they can continue contributions through COBRA. However, the contributions will be after-tax following your separation date.

If employees, or former employees, have questions, here is some contact information: • SHPS: 1-888-498-5520 or • Qimonda: 1-804-952-7493 or • Or contact their specific plan providers