Measure to Improve Public Safety in Hanover and Spotsylvania Passes House

-Hanover, Spotsylvania and the Town of Ashland granted the power to prohibit hawking activities in medians and roadways- Today, House Bill 1619 passed by a vote of 98-0. Patroned by Delegate Christopher K. Peace (R-Mechanicsville), HB 1619 adds Spotsylvania, Hanover and the Town of Ashland to a list of localities that can prohibit or regulate by local ordinance the sale of merchandise, distribution of materials or the solicitation of contributions along medians and corners of public roads and highways.

This measure, requested by the localities, addresses issues with impeding traffic flow, distraction of motorists, and the safety of those participating in these activities. In Hanover, Sherriff Cook and County Attorney Sterling Rives favored the legislation in order to curb the secondary sales of race tickets in and around RIR in eastern Hanover.

"I understand the concern for safety of participants and citizens by law enforcement. It can be uncomfortable and scary for someone to be allowed to approach your car to ask for money or give you written materials," stated Peace.

Virginia is a Dillon Rule state so counties and localities must ask permission from the state legislature to adopt local laws. The legislation is now headed to the Senate.