State Funding Increased for New Kent County Airport

Delegate Christopher K. Peace (R-Mechanicsville) today announced that the New Kent County Airport recently received an increase of $12,344.70 in the amount of grant funding they are awarded from the Virginia Department of Aviation. Additional funds will be utilized for site preparation for a new T-hanger; airport facilities use T-hangers for storing aircraft. State aviation funding programs to assist sponsors of public-use airports with a variety of improvement activities are managed by the Virginia Department of Aviation; the grant is a part of the Commonwealth Airport Fund Capital Improvement Program.

Bill Kelly, manager of the New Kent County Airport stated, “The New Kent County Airport is pleased to have received an additional $12,344.70 in additional grant funds from the Virginia Department of Aviation in support of its new T-hangar complex. The funds decrease local taxpayer burden in the project.”

The Virginia Department of Aviation is a state transportation agency whose mission is to cultivate an advanced aviation system that is safe, secure, and provides for economic development; promotes aviation awareness and education.