Measure Increases Juvenile Felony Court-Appointed Fees

Juvenile Justice reform measure seeks to get adequate representation As a result of the 2008 passage of Senate Bill 610, beginning July 1, Virginia’s court-appointed attorneys will receive greater compensation for work on high-level felony cases tried in Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court. Delegate Christopher K. Peace (R-Mechanicsville) was patron of the House bill.

“Ensuring that juveniles charged in Virginia with serious crimes have adequate legal representation is vital,” asserted Delegate Peace. “Increasing compensation for court-appointed attorneys is a step toward reforming the juvenile justice system across the Commonwealth.”

Passage of this measure allows court-appointed lawyers to apply for waivers of up to $650 for serious felony cases tried in juvenile court. Previously, fees for all cases tried in juvenile court were $120 with a waiver of an additional $120.

With this newest waiver, court-appointed lawyers who handle the most serious juvenile cases, offenses that if tried in adult court could be punishable by 20 or more years in prison, can apply for an additional $650 for a total fee of $890.