Textbook Tax Parity Act Passes

Measure to make textbook purchases less expensive heads for a Governor's signature The Virginia General Assembly approved legislation to exempt students who attend career colleges from paying a sales tax on their textbooks. The Textbook Tax Parity Act sponsored by Delegate Christopher K. Peace (R-97th) and Senator Stephen H. Martin (R-11th), exempts students attending career colleges in Virginia from paying the five percent sales tax on textbooks.

Currently, students at all non-profit colleges in the Commonwealth are exempt from paying the sales tax. Though the implementation of the Act though not until 2010, it addresses an equity issue between students at non-profit and proprietary schools by leveling the playing field. For those seeking to enhance skills or transition within the workforce will now be able to seek additional educational opportunities at a lower cost.

Shortly after the vote in the House of Delegates, Delegate Peace said "This measure supports the diverse higher education choices available to students across the Commonwealth."

The House voted to pass the Act by a vote of 91-6. The bill must now go to the Governor for a signature.