Streamlining Adult Adoption Measure Passes State Legislature

Peace measure addressing Caroline County family concern awaiting Governor’s signature Adopting children who are seventeen and aging out of foster care will be made easier because of legislation introduced by Del. Christopher K. Peace's (R-Hanover). The idea for House Bill 138, which unanimously passed the Virginia General Assembly, initially came from constituents of Del. Peace who live in Caroline County.

Specifically, a family desired to adopt a young woman who turned eighteen during the process of petitioning for adoption. Unfortunately the courts invalidated their petition because the child reached majority prior to the final order of adoption. The Peace measure provides that a petition filed while a child is under 18 years of age shall not become invalid because the child reaches 18 years of age prior to the entry of a final order of adoption.

"Government should not be an impediment to those good people who believe that every child deserves a loving family. I am delighted at the passage of this measure. Adoption of those children in need of loving, safe environments will now be made easier," Peace stated.

According to the Virginia Department of Social Services, in 2007, 8,173 children were in foster care in Virginia.