Higher-Ed Illegal Immigration Measure Passes with Bi-partisan Majority

State Senate to Consider Peace’s Higher Education Bill Denying Admission to Illegal Immigrants Del. Christopher K. Peace (R-Hanover) announces passage of House Bill (HB) 14, a bill denying Virginia colleges and universities from admitting illegal aliens to their schools. The bill passed with a bi-partisan majority (73-26) picking up 5 more votes than its first floor vote.

According to a State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) survey, 11 of Virginia’s 15 senior colleges and universities have policies in place barring illegal immigrants from gaining admittance to their schools. Virginia Tech, Radford University, Old Dominion University, and George Mason University are the four schools that do not bar illegal immigrants from applying. Of Virginia’s 23 public community colleges, 12 permit enrollment of illegal aliens and 11 prohibit. SCHEV estimates that 800-1,000 illegal aliens are enrolled in Virginia’s colleges and universities.

"Institutions of higher education that allow admission of illegal aliens are endorsing a practice that is in violation of our national interest and a burden the hard-working citizens and immigrants who have become proud U.S. citizens through a long and legal process. We should end the practice of giving spots in our colleges to illegal immigrant and instead create more room for our sons and daughters," Peace said.

HB 14 has been assigned to the State Senate Committee for Education and Health. Hearing on the bill is still pending. Democrats hold a 10-5 majority on this Senate committee.