Statement on Farm Safety Seminar - King William County - 9.27.07

I want to thank Farm Bureau for co-hosting this evening.

I would also like to recognize Julie Coggsdale in our office who along with Katy Lloyd did a remarkable job putting this event together.

A number of months ago I spoke at Lee-Davis High School and met a young lady named Meagan. She told me a tragic story about her grandfather’s fatal farming related accident. Her sad story really moved me to act.

Tonight, with the help of the local media, I hope to reduce the number of farm work-related injuries and deaths by increasing safety and health awareness and promoting safe practices; in addition I want to increase public awareness of the importance of safety and health in agriculture.

Virginia Farm Bureau offers a number of great programs to help farmers stay safe.

Farm Tractor Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) Incentive Self-propelled Harvesting Equipment -Fire Extinguisher Program Farm Safety Inspections

I told Meagan that our office would do everything we could either legislatively or through public awareness campaigns to try to minimize the amount of accidents that do occur.

I am hopeful that through our action, our office and Farm Bureau’s working together in our area we can take another step in promoting safety and health in agricultural and rural communities.

Thank you for coming.