McDonnell Prayer at Richmond Virginia Tech Service

This is a state and nation born in prayer on the shores of Cape Henry , Virginia 400 years ago this Thursday. It is a nation bound together for 400 years by faith in God. The scriptures say that if the people of God called by his name will humble themselves and pray and seek his face, he will heal their land.

Let us bow our heads in prayer.


Loving and merciful God, we know you created us in your image and likeness, and that your love for us is boundless.

In the midst of our shock and anger and fear, O God, we know you hear our cries of sorrow. May our silent hope for peace and our spoken words of faith send waves of healing across Virginia.

We pray for our citizens that we might know your presence and we might be transformed into your instruments of compassion and hope. Give us the courage to be beacons of light and not to curse the darkness.

Lord God, you are the divine comforter. Rain down this day your healing touch on the families devastated by this tragedy, and the individuals recovering from their wounds.

We pray for strength and rest for a weary Virginia Tech administration, and all the members of law enforcement who have worked tirelessly this week.

Father, we ask especially that the violence and hatred of one person would not bring divisions to our Commonwealth and our country, but rather will bring renewed bonds of community and a renewed commitment to "Love thy neighbor."

For the Virginia Tech community, and for all victims of violence and crime, we pray for healing in the hope that your will and your might will bring us to a new day. For them, we dedicate this next 60 seconds of silence, remembering in our hearts and minds the promises that you have pledged to us.