Peace Speaks out to Support Boy Scouts and Caroline Jamboree

Delegate commends US Court of Appeals decision that protects major Caroline event The Boy Scouts Jamboree draws tens of thousands of Scouts and their leaders to Virginia's Fort A.P. Hill Army base in Caroline County every four years. The Jamboree is credited with boosting tax and sales revenue in Caroline County; it brought in $800,000 during the last gathering. Collectively the Boy Scouts spent an estimated $17 million in Virginia as a result of the Jamboree.

In an opinion handed down today, the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit in Chicago concluded that there is no standing for challenging the National Boy Scout Jamboree statute. Furthermore they failed to conclude the words “duty to God” in the Scout Oath makes the group a religious organization. The suit, brought by the ACLU, was seeking a court finding of violations to the Establishment Clause.

Delegate Christopher K. Peace states, “As an elected representative for Caroline County, I am pleased with the opinion rendered by the Court today. Continuation of the Jamboree is vital to the economy and tax base of Caroline County. These revenues can be utilized to meet the needs of the local citizens and assure the provision of core community services.”