Gillespie: "Kaine owes it to Virginians to keep his promise on transportation"

Gillespie Lauds General Assembly Traffic Congestion Relief Plan Richmond, Virginia. (Feb. 24, 2007) Republican Party of Virginia Chairman Ed Gillespie called on Governor Tim Kaine to support the transportation plan communicated by the Virginia General Assembly (HB 3202) after passing with bi-partisan support in the House of Delegates and 21-18 in the Virginia Senate on Saturday.

"By increasing the Transportation Trust Fund, implementing critical VDOT reforms, and most importantly establishing the link between land use decisions and transportation spending, General Assembly has emerged with a clear vision and a 21st century transportation plan," stated Gillespie.

'Governor Kaine campaigned in 2005 saying he would ease traffic congestion in Hampton Roads and Northern Virginia without raising taxes," said Gillespie. 'Without expending any effort to get a bill passed himself, Kaine has ended up with a transportation plan on his desk that would enable him to keep his promise."

'He owes it to Virginians to do just that,' concluded Gillespie.