House Republicans Detail Legislative Agenda Success at Conclusion of 2007 General Assembly Session

-- Comprehensive Transportation Bill Offers Solutions Through Reforms, Funding, Land Use ---- Enacted Bills Address Eminent Domain, Public Safety and Health Care -- House GOP Strengthens Commitments to Education, Economic Development, Environment --

RICHMOND, VA -Virginia House of Delegates Speaker William J. Howell (R-Stafford) today detailed the legislative accomplishments of House Republicans at the close of the 2007 General Assembly Session.

The 2007 Session began with House Republicans putting forth a bold legislative agenda that addressed the critical issues that directly affect Virginians, remarked Speaker Howell. "With legislation focusing on addressing the transportation challenge, protecting property rights, and providing for healthcare, education, crime, and the environment, the ambition of our agenda was matched only by our determination to see our proposals enacted. I am pleased to report today that our dedication has delivered significant achievements that will improve the quality of life of the citizens we are elected to serve."

The Comprehensive Transportation Funding and Reform Act of 2007, approved by the House and Senate, is now on its way to Governor Kaine. "This the most significant legislation to address this core service approved since the special session of 1986," observed Howell. "Not only does this bill increase the funding for our roads, railways, and public transit, but it includes some of the most significant reforms to update the Commonwealth's approach to land use and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the manner in which we deliver transportation services. And by giving our two most congested regions, Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads, the ability to raise and retain funding for their unique needs, we have provided those regions with the tools they need now."

The House and Senate also approved legislation, House Bill 2954, negating the effects of the decision of the United States Supreme Court in Kelo v. New London, which increased the takings powers of government through eminent domain. "Our legislation to restrict the rights of governments under eminent domain increases the protection for every property owner," noted Howell. "Since the Kelo decision, Americans have had to look to state government to protect their property rights. We have answered that call, strengthening the rights of Virginians."

The House and Senate approved a package of amendments to the 2006-2008 Biennial Budget. House Bill 1650 increased funding to protect the Chesapeake Bay, further fulfilling a 2005 commitment made by House Republicans to provide $500 million for Bay cleanup. The package also included a 4% pay raise for state employees, sheriff's deputies, and college faculty, as well as the state share of a 3% increase for public school teachers. In addition, the amendments include a new program promoted by House Republicans to provide incentive funding to lower the costs of an education at state-supported colleges and universities.

"The fact that not a single delegate voted against House Bill 1650 is especially impressive," Speaker Howell said. "Chairman Callahan and the conferees for the House did an extraordinary job of putting together a package of budget amendments that won widespread, bipartisan support. The bill we approved increases our commitment to education, health care, and the environment."

Remarking on the conclusion of the 2007 session, Speaker Howell commented, "They call this the "Short Session," but judging from the impressive list of legislation approved, there was nothing short about our accomplishments. I am proud of what we have accomplished, and I look forward to the enacted bills being signed into law by the Governor."

The following is a list* of selected House Republican-sponsored bills that have passed the House of Delegates and the Senate of Virginia, and that will now be sent to the Governor to be signed into law.

TRANSPORTATION - COMPREHENSIVE COMPROMISE OFFERS OPPORTUNITY FOR RESULTS House Bill 3202, the Comprehensive Transportation Funding and Reform Act, is the only comprehensive transportation plan to be approved by either house this session. This bill includes components that will give Virginia's fastest-growing localities more authority to combat sprawl and traffic congestion, enact significant reforms to the state's delivery of transportation services, and inject more than $2.5 billion statewide into the Commonwealth's network of roads, railways, and public transit with Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads given the authority to raise and retain local funds totaling an additional $400 million and $200 million respectively. House Bill 1650, the amendments to the 2006-2008 Biennial Budget, provides for $500 Million in General Fund revenues for transportation, including $339 million from the Transportation Reserve Fund, initiated at the behest of the House during the budget negotiations in 2006.

HB 3202 Howell, W. J. (Stafford) Passed House 64-34, Passed Senate 21-18 Achieves a comprehensive compromise that provides statewide funding of transportation projects through current and new revenue streams, authority to localities in Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads to raise and retain additional fees for their unique transportation needs, administrative and efficiency reforms impacting transportation, and substantial land-use planning changes. Authorizes the Commonwealth Transportation Board to issue $2.5 billion in bonds to construct important projects.

HB 1940 Purkey (Virginia Beach) Passed House 96-2, Killed in Senate Finance Dedicates one-half of any budget surplus remaining at the end of each fiscal year to be designated for deposit into the Transportation Trust Fund.

HB 2314 Lingamfelter (Prince William) Passed House 76-22, Passed Senate 29-10-1 Allows the CTB, in accordance with all applicable federal and state statutes, to impose and collect tolls for the use of any component of the Interstate Highway System within the Commonwealth, with the proceeds to be deposited into the Transportation Trust Fund and allocated by the Board.

HJ 18 Marshall, R. (Prince William) Passed House 97-1, Killed in Senate 11-29 Locks up the Transportation Trust Fund by a Constitutional Amendment securing funds dedicated for transportation cannot be diverted and can only be used for transportation purposes.

LAND USE AND PROPERTY RIGHTS In addition to the land use reforms included in HB 3202, the House and presented other proposals to protect the rights of private property owners and to combat sprawl in the fastest-growing regions of Virginia.

HJ 723 Bell (Albemarle) Passed House 67-30, Killed in Senate 16-23-3 Protects Virginians property rights by amending the Constitution to establish what constitutes a taking of private property for a public use in response to the 2005 Kelo v. New London case. Prohibits eminent domain use for economic development, increased tax revenue or job creation purposes.

HB 2500 Orrock (Spotsylvania) Passed House 99-0, Passed Senate 39-0 Allows "high-growth" localities to use the "Northern Virginia" form of conditional zoning. Gives high-growth localities greater flexibility including the ability to accept proffers, the need for which is not generated solely by the rezoning.

HB 2954 Bell (Albemarle) Passed House 84-14, Passed Senate 36-2-2 Safeguards individual private property rights by defining public use for eminent domain purposes, restricting it from being used to generate tax revenue.

EDUCATION - BUILDING VIRGINIA'S FUTURE The House advanced legislation to improve and promote vocation-technical education, to make college more affordable and to expand opportunities to increase parental choice for the education of their children. In addition, HB1650 includes funding for the state-supported portion of a 3% pay raise for public school teachers, an increase for undergraduate student financial aid, a tuition moderation incentive fund, and investment for career and technical education opportunities and equipment.

HB 1442 Nutter (Montgomery) Passed House 75-25, Incorporated into HB 2039 Passed Senate 40-0 Expands the requirements for earning a standard diploma to include a sequence of two credits in career and technical education. Creates more standard diploma graduates with highly marketable credentials to move into high-demand positions in Virginia's workforce.

HB 1674 Scott, E. (Madison) Passed House 94-0, Passed Senate 40-0 Extends the sunset on the sales-and-use-tax exemption for textbooks and educational material distributed to professors and educators for free.

HB 1711 Callahan (Fairfax) Passed House 99-0, Passed Senate 40-0 Authorizes the issuance of up to $92,883,000 in 9(c) bonds for capital projects, such as student housing, at public institutions of higher learning throughout the Commonwealth.

HB 1843 Saxman (Staunton) Passed House 53-45, Killed in Senate Finance Creates income tax credits for business entities and individual taxpayers who make contributions to eligible public school foundations and eligible scholarship foundations to foster greater access to quality educational opportunities for all students.

HB 1978 Lohr (Rockingham) Passed House 96-0, Passed Senate 39-0 Requires local school boards to include in their annual report to the Board of Education the number of students who complete a career or technical concentration or specialization and who meet the requirements for high school graduation

HB 2039 Hamilton (Newport News) Passed House 98-0, Passed Senate 40-0 Establishes standard requirements for a technical diploma in career and technical education, including providing credits for career and technical education courses leading to an industry or trade certification.

HB 2114 Carrico (Grayson) Passed House 88-10, Passed Senate 40-0 Requires the Virginia Community College System to grant in-state tuition to any person enrolled in one of the System's institutions who lives out of state, but within a 30-mile radius of a Virginia community college, provided his state of residence has a reciprocal arrangement for Virginia residents.

HB 2302 Cole (Spotsylvania) Passed House 73-25, Passed Senate 20-19 Allows local school boards to enter into agreements with nonpublic schools within the school division to provide student transportation.

HB 2311 Lingamfelter (Prince William) Passed House 90-8, Passed Senate 40-0 Establishes Public Charter School Fund for the purposes of establishing or supporting public charter schools in the Commonwealth to stimulate the development of alternative public education programs.

HB 2623 Reid (Henrico) Passed House 74-23, Killed in Senate Education and Health 8-7 Prohibits illegal aliens from eligibility for in-state tuition rates at Virginia's public colleges and universities.

HJ 729 Cox (Colonial Heights) Passed House 92-4, Passed Senate 40-0 Directs JLARC to study the effectiveness and performance results of the Virginia Preschool Initiative and evaluate the cost and effectiveness of universal pre-kindergarten programs.

TAX REFORM, ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT & JOB CREATION For the first year, Virginians are on the same schedule to phase-out the death tax as residents of other states, long a top priority of small businesses and family-owned farms. In addition, Virginia's small-wage and low-income earners will soon be exempt from the state income tax. Incentives to increase job opportunities and economic development also received wide, bipartisan support.

HB 1744 Marshall, R. (Prince William) Passed House 98-0, Passed Senate 39-0 Increases the income limit for elderly and disabled taxpayers in certain Northern Virginia localities from $72,000 to $75,000 for real property tax exemptions.

HB 1937 Purkey (Virginia Beach) Passed House 81-16, Killed in Senate Finance Classifies as intangible personal property idle equipment, hardware or software, of a research and development or technology, high technology, or nanotechnology business.

HB 1974 Fralin (Roanoke City) Passed House 94-2, Passed Senate 39-0 Allows localities to establish economic revitalization zones to provide incentives and regulatory flexibility to private entities that purchase property suitable for economic development.

HB 2127 Hugo (Fairfax) Passed House 78-17, Killed in Senate Finance Requires localities to provide individual notice to each real estate taxpayer of proposed tax rates to increase openness and transparency in real estate tax rates.

HB 2167 Cline (Rockbridge) Passed House 98-0, Killed in Senate Finance Includes computers systems, hardware and software to the successful Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday initiated by House Republicans and enacted in 2006.

HB 2181 Saxman (Staunton) Passed House 96-2, Passed Senate 39-0 Reforms the definition of idle machinery and tools for taxation purposes to support manufacturing industries across the Commonwealth.

HB 2230 Nutter (Montgomery) Passed House 100-0, Passed Senate 39-0 Allows localities to create a Tourism Financing Development Authority to promote establishment of tourism infrastructure.

HB 2468 Marshall, D. (Danville) Passed House 99-0, Passed Senate 40-0 Provides greater flexibility for use of the Governor's Development Opportunity Fund to direct investment to projects in high-unemployment localities.

HB 3022 Cline (Rockbridge) Passed House 95-0, Passed Senate 39-0 Phases in increases in the filing threshold for individual and family for the state income tax, proving valuable tax relief by eliminating the tax liability for over 300,000 low-income Virginians.

HB 3171 Landes (Augusta) Passed House 98-0, Passed Senate 40-0 Allows the Virginia Economic Development Partnership Authority to provide grants for research and development by nonprofit research institutions.

PROTECTING VIRGINIA'S ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL RESOURCES House Republicans remain ahead of schedule in fulfilling their commitment to dedicate more than $500 million to protecting and preserving the Chesapeake Bay before 2015. Along with our continued investment into cleaning up the Bay, support for CSO projects and land conservation also were significant achievements this session

HB 1640 Wright (Lunenberg) Passed House 85-8, Passed Senate 39-0 Provides an exemption from the sales and use tax for multi-fuel heating stoves that are capable of burning a variety of alternative fuels, including shelled corn, wood pellets, cherry pits, and olive pits.

HB 1678 Cosgrove (Chesapeake) Passed House 94-0, Passed Senate 39-0 Establishes an annual sales tax holiday the first weekend of October for purchases of Energy Star qualified products with a sales price of $2,500 or less per product.

HB 1710 Callahan (Fairfax) Passed House 98-0, Passed Senate 39-0 Provides new, innovative and flexible funding options for $500 million in grants for the installation of nutrient removal technologies at specified publicly owned water treatment plants as part of House Republican’s ongoing commitment to cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay.

HB 1758 Kilgore (Scott) Passed House 92-4, Passed Senate 38-0 Increases the penalty for obstructing or contaminating state waters to a Class 1 misdemeanor.

HB 1859 Wittman (Westmoreland) Passed House 98-0, Passed by Senate 38-0 Establishes as a goal of the Department of Environmental Quality to have citizen volunteers monitor 3,000 stream miles by 2010.

HB 2694 Cline (Rockbridge) Passed House 98-0, Passed Senate 39-0 Expands projects that can be innovatively financed through the Virginia Resources Authority to include programs or projects for land conservation or land preservation.

HB 2708 Hugo (Fairfax) Passed House 98-0, Passed Senate 40-0 Requires the electric utility provider to enter into an agreement to purchase any excess electricity generated by an eligible customer-generator upon the request of the customer

HB 2802 Byron (Campbell) Passed House 98-0, Passed Senate 40-0 Consolidates the program that regulates the application of biosolids (sewage sludge) under one agency, the Department of Environmental Quality and provides better regulation and oversight.

HB 2825 Ware, R.L. (Powhatan) Passed House 98-0, Passed Senate 40-0 Provides greater flexibility in the disbursement of funds from the Land Conservation Fund to natural area protection, open spaces and parks, farmlands and forest preservation, and historic area preservation.

CRIME AND LAW ENFORCEMENT Building upon an extensive record of strengthening Virginia's laws to protect citizens and increase penalties for violent offenders, House Republicans this year put forth legislation to combat gang violence, keep families safe from sexual predators, and responsibly address the growing challenge of illegal immigration.

HB 1618 Frederick (Prince William) Passed House 69-31, Killed in Senate Courts of Justice 11-3 Provides for the Governor to enter into an agreement with federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement that would allow the Department of State Police to enforce civil immigration laws.

HB 1625 Ingram (Hopewell) Passed House 100-0, Passed Senate 39-0 Provides that any person holding public office who is convicted of any offense that requires registration on the Sex Offender and Crimes Against Minors Registry shall forfeit public office.

HB 1921 Griffith (Salem) Passed House 99-0, Passed Senate 40-0 Protects immigrants by penalizing any person who exhorts anyone by knowingly destroying, concealing, removing, confiscating, or possessing a passport or other immigration document, or other government identification document of another person.

HB 1970 Albo (Fairfax) Passed House 70-28, Killed in Senate Courts of Justice Provides that any alien who is present in the United States illegally and is removable, as verified by the federal Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.

HB 2347 Gilbert (Shenandoah) Passed House 83-13, Passed Senate 30-10 Provides that the willful, deliberate and premeditated killing of any witness in a criminal case, when the killing is for the purpose of interfering with the person's duties in such case, is punishable as capital murder.

HB 2429 Albo (Fairfax) Passed House 99-0, Passed Senate 40-0 Strengthens the penalties for any person who solicits, invites, recruits, encourages, or otherwise causes or attempts to cause another to participate, generally, in an act or acts of terrorism.

HB 2524 Iaquinto (Virginia Beach) Passed House 99-0, Passed Senate 40-0 Expands the felonies that qualify as predicate criminal acts necessary for criminal gang member status.

HB 2687 Reid (Henrico) Passed House 62-37, Killed in Senate Courts of Justice 11-4 Discourages businesses from knowingly hiring illegal aliens by making it an unfair employment practice to knowingly employ an unauthorized alien within the Commonwealth.

HB 2750 Hurt (Pittsylvania) Passed House 81-14, Passed Senate 30-9 Makes it a capital murder for willful, deliberate and premeditated killing of a judge or justice when the killing is for the purpose of interfering with his official duties.

HB 2828 Peace (Hanover) Passed House 99-0, Killed in Senate Finance 13-0 Strengthens the jail term for stalking, when the victim is a minor & the offender is 10 or more years older.

HB 2926 Rust (Fairfax) Passed House 92-6, Killed in Senate Courts of Justice 11-4 Expands the powers of state and local law-enforcement officials to include immigration powers conferred upon the law-enforcement agency by agreement with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

HB 2937 Miller, J. (Prince William) Passed House 70-29, Killed in Senate Rehabilitation and Social Services 11-4 Provides that no state or local funds shall be used by charity or community organizations to provide assistance to illegal aliens.

HB 3130 Byron (Campbell) Passed House 71-28, Killed in Senate Finance Prohibits the issuance of a business license to any individual who cannot provide legal documents proving such individual is legally eligible to be employed or to work in the United States.

PRESERVING AND PROTECTING VIRGINIANS’ HEALTH AND SAFETY In addition to approving an additional $5.5 million for emergency preparedness in its amendments to the 2006-2008 state budget, the House this year presented legislation to combat online predators and to protect schools and neighborhoods from convicted sexual offenders.

HB 1665 Marshall, R. (Prince William) Passed House 71-27, Killed in Senate Education and Health 9-6 Punishes any person who forces or coerces a pregnant female to have an abortion against her will.

HB 1712 Callahan (Fairfax) Passed House 97-1, Killed in Senate Finance- Incorporated into HB 1650 Provides for construction of a medium-security state prison in the Mount Roger’s Planning District in Southwest Virginia.

HB 2304 Sherwood (Frederick) Passed House 97-0, Passed Senate 40-0 Enables Virginia to assist other states in responding to emergencies and disasters.

HB 2344 Bell (Albemarle) Passed House 98-0, Passed Senate 40-0 Prohibits sex offenders from entering the property of a public or private elementary or secondary school or a day care center.

HB 2372 Dudley (Franklin) Passed House 100-0, Passed Senate 40-0 Creates the Senior Alert Program for local, regional, or statewide notification of missing seniors or impaired adults.

HB 2648 Jones, S.C. (Suffolk) Passed House 72-25, Killed in Senate Education and Health 7-8 Provides that any person, including the pregnant female, who administers to or causes to be taken by a pregnant female any drug or uses means, with intent to destroy her unborn child, or to produce abortion or miscarriage and thereby destroys such child or produces such abortion or miscarriage is guilty of a Class 4 felony.

HB 2749 Hurt (Pittsylvania) Passed House 91-0, Passed Senate 40-0 Protects children from online predators by requiring a sex offender to include in the registration information any e-mail address and any instant messaging screen name that he uses or will use.

HB 2979 Bell (Albemarle) Passed House 99-0, Killed in Senate Courts of Justice 3-10 Increases the penalty for using a computer to solicit sex with a minor.

HEALTH CARE In their continuing effort to increase access to affordable quality health care, House Republicans advanced measures to significantly increase access to mental-health services, provide more coverage for low-income expectant mothers, and bolster Virginia’s commitment to long-term care for seniors.

HB 1883 Marshall, R. (Prince William) Passed House 60-35, Killed in Senate Education and Health 8-7 Requires abortion clinics to be licensed & comply with requirements in place for ambulatory surgery centers.

HB 2032 Hamilton (Newport News) Passed House 98-0, Passed Senate 40-0 Expands the type of long-term care services that must be provided by the Department of Aging, including transportation, educational, and housing services and opportunities for self-care and independent living.

HB 2033 Hamilton (Newport News) Passed House 98-0, Passed Senate 40-0 Coordinates the long-term care services of the Commonwealth through the Secretary of Health and Human Resources with input from various agencies to better facilitate interagency service development and implementation, communication, and cooperation.

HB 2035 Hamilton (Newport News) Passed House 80-17, Passed Senate 40-0 Requires on October 1, 2008 young females to receive the vaccine against the human papillomavirus (HPV) that causes cervical cancer, but parents or guardians may elect for their daughter(s) not to receive it.

HB 2161 O’Bannon (Henrico) Passed House 94-0, Passed Senate 40-0 Improves the performance measures for the Statewide Emergency Medical Care System.

HB 2198 Nixon (Chesterfield) Passed House 97-0, Passed Senate 40-0 Facilitates increased and improved interoperability of electronic health records systems throughout Virginia.

HB 2319 Welch (Virginia Beach) Passed House 93-1, Passed Senate 29-10 Enacts Abraham’s Law specifying reasons that a decision by parents to refuse a particular medical treatment for a child with a life-threatening condition is not a refusal to provide necessary care.

HB 2624 Reid (Henrico) Passed House 99-0, Passed Senate 40-0 Requires state agencies to report on their progress on addressing the impact of Virginia’s aging population.

HJ 637 O’Bannon (Henrico) Passed House 91-0, Passed Senate 40-0 Establishes a joint subcommittee to study childhood obesity in Virginia's public schools.

GOVERNMENT AND ELECTION REFORM Increasing government accountability and protecting the integrity of the electoral process remain top priorities or House Republicans. This year, legislation to increase transparency, to strengthen campaign finance disclosure requirements, and to expand retirement options for state employees all garnered solid support.

HB 1830 Putney (Bedford) Passed House 98-0, Passed Senate 34-5 Changes the participation in the deferred compensation plan for new state employees hired on or after January 1, 2008, to an "opt-out" plan rather than an "opt-in" plan.

HB 1977 Fralin (Roanoke City) Passed House 62-32, Passed Senate 34-6 Provides that surplus inaugural committee funds shall be used only to return contributions to contributors or make charitable contributions.

HB 2101 Orrock (Spotsylvania) Passed House 99-0, Passed Senate 40-0 Requires legislation authorizing a statewide bond referendum to include a neutral explanation or a fiscal impact about the referendum for distribution to voters.

HB 2386 May (Loudoun) Passed House 97-0, Passed Senate 39-0 Develops and implements a centralized system to accept campaign finance reports from local office candidates.

HB 3068 Hogan (Halifax) Passed House 85-13, Passed Senate 35-3-1 Establishes a new mechanism for regulating the rates of investor-owned electric utilities, balancing the protection of the consumer and the need for increased energy generation in Virginia.

HJ 593 Griffith (Salem) Passed House 56-39, Killed in Senate Privileges and Elections 7-8 Provides for a Constitutional Amendment allowing the General Assembly to suspend or nullify administrative rules and regulations by a majority vote.

HONORING OUR VETERANS AND MILITARY SERVICEMEN AND WOMEN Honoring and providing for those who protect our nation – and their families – received extensive attention again this session by House Republicans, as the House put forth bills that would increase educational opportunities for those in service to the United States and honor them by memorializing their service to our country.

HB 1822 Suit (Virginia Beach) Passed House 99-0, Passed Senate 40-0 Provides in-state tuition rates for any active duty members, activated guard or reservist members, or guard or reservist members mobilized or on temporary active orders for six months or more that are either stationed or assigned by their military service to a work location in Virginia, and residing in Virginia.

HB 1996 Suit (Virginia Beach) Passed House 99-0, Passed Senate 40-0 Expands in-state tuition rates to dependents of activated or temporarily mobilized reservists or guard members.

HB 2092 Tata (Virginia Beach) Passed House 98-0, Passed Senate 39-0 Eliminates the requirement that a student must have been attending a public school in the Commonwealth while residing with his custodial parent prior to the parent's deployment outside the United States in order to attend school without paying tuition.

HB 2179 Janis (Henrico) Passed House 99-0, Passed Senate 40-0 Clarifies that qualified survivors and dependents shall be admitted to any public institution of higher education or other public accredited postsecondary institution of higher education in the Commonwealth of Virginia, free of tuition and all required fees under the War Orphans Act.

HB 2240 Cox (Colonial Heights) Passed House 99-0, Passed Senate 39-0 Advances state funding for the construction of an educational wing of the Virginia War Memorial, with funding made available upon certification that $2 million in private funds have been raised.

UPHOLDING FAMILY VALUES Adhering to common-sense conservative principles and upholding the traditional values of Virginians, House Republicans fought for legislation to protect school children from pornography, expand parental involvement in their children’s education and extra-curricular school activities, and increase the information available to those making difficult medical decisions.

HB 1727 Lohr (Rockingham) Passed House 82-15, Killed in Senate Education and Health 6-9 Requires that local school boards either provide notice and an opportunity for parents to opt their children out of participation in any school-sponsored club or require the prior express written permission of parents to be filed with the school before any student may be a member of a school-sponsored club.

HB 2197 Nixon (Chesterfield) Passed House 80-14, Passed Senate 31-9 Protects children from pornography by requiring libraries receiving state funding to install technology protection measures to filter or block Internet access through such computers to child pornography.

HB 2808 Byron (Campbell) Passed House 60-38, Killed in Education and Health 6-9 Requires that, prior to performing an abortion, a pregnant woman will be offered the opportunity to view an ultrasound image of her fetus.

Please Note: This list is not intended to be a complete compilation of all Republican-sponsored legislation in the 2007 Session. Additional House Republican initiatives are included in Amendments to the 2006-2008 Biennial Budget (HB 1650) which passed the House 98-0 and the Senate 40-0.

For more details about any bill listed above, please contact the office of the delegate who patroned the measure or click on the bill number, which is linked to the General Assembly’s Legislative Information Service. # # #