295 Repairs on the Way

I have received a number of calls to my office regarding roads in our area specifically regarding the condition of I-295. My wife and I drive this road frequently and it is a concern. So in an effort to address the surface deterioration of the 295 roadway, I contacted VDOT on your behalf and learned some good news. VDOT has had an active concrete pavement repair and patching program in place for the past couple of years. The patching of concrete pavement requires considerably more effort than an asphalt surface. This work has been accomplished both with State forces and with contractors. As a more permanent solution, the Department has recently advertised several contracts to repair and resurface a large portion of I-295. Using both Federal and State funding, we have been able to maximize the amount of resurfacing that will take place. The major emphasis of this repaving program will be between the Henrico and Hanover County line northbound to Route 33 (Staples Mill Road). We expect this program to be under way within the next several months, with completion in late summer of 2008. These major repairs and resurfacing will greatly improve the riding surface on I-295.