Statement on Allen Election

For the second time this year, voters from the 97th District rejected a candidate who would not oppose raising taxes and would oppose our conservative values. Allen’s opponent waged a spirited contest and his presence galvanized voters. But in the end, Ashley and my neighbors in places like Cold Harbor, Aylett, and Providence Forge voiced their support for bedrock Reagan conservatism.

Our district believes that lower taxes create more jobs and investment. With record highs on the stock market, record homeownership, and near 95% employment 97th district voters ratified these policies as America’s best management practices. I supported George Allen because he believes like I do that we need to win the Global War on Terror and continue to keep homes safe since 9/11. As a rural legislator, I appreciated Sen. Allen’s positions supporting our veterans, the second amendment, reducing our dependence on foreign energy as well as accountability in education. I am proud to be an American and proud to live in this great Commonwealth. Thank you Senator Allen for all you have done for this state. We are proud that you are our Senator.

ALLEN Caroline (97) 46.59% Hanover (97) 73.67% Henrico (97) 61.59% King & Queen (97) 50.21% King William (97) 62.22% New Kent 64.59% Spotsylvania (97) 58.59%