Peace Protecting the People's Purses

Richmond, VA -- Delegate Christopher K. Peace (R-Mechanicsville) feels strongly that, “until we [legislators] do our job, I will not be paid. I am fighting for the people, not at their expense.” Delegate Peace is referring to his refusal to accept payment of the session per diem with regards to the 2006 Special Session. “It is an honor to serve the 97th District.”

As legislators continue to battle over the state budget, Delegates and Senators alike are allowed to collect their usual per diem pay, an allowance for daily expenses for each day they remain reconvened. This privilege is at the expense of Virginia taxpayers due to the fact that the two chambers have been unable to reach an agreement over the State budget, necessitating the Special Session.

The current budget stance of both the Governor and Senate means that funding for every core service is at risk. These at risk services include education, health care, public safety, natural resources, economic development, and transportation. The Delegate is hopeful for the prompt passage of a budget so that the Commonwealth can continue meeting its commitments to the people. Until that time, Delegate Peace feels it is imperative that his constituents know he is doing his part to protect them.