House Republican Reform Agenda Advances

RICHMOND, Thursday, February 16, 2006 – Delegate Chris Peace (R- 97th District which includes parts of Hanover, Caroline, King William, King and Queen, Henrico, Spotsylvania and all of New Kent) flanked yesterday at a news conference by his House Republican leadership team and other members of the majority Caucus complimented his colleagues and the House Speaker William J. Howell (R-Stafford) for their commitment to passing their ambitious, broad-based and forward-looking agenda for the Commonwealth.

Speaker Howell outlined the success of legislation supported by his caucus at the midpoint of the session, commonly referred to as “Crossover.” Del. Peace said “Our party is a party of ideas and optimism. I stand with the Speaker in strong support of hard working Virginians from across the state who believes in common sense measures that invest in core services without placing an undue burden on taxpayers.”

“At the outset of this session, House Republicans set our sights on championing real and innovative solutions that address the issues and challenges people care about, those that affect their everyday lives and the quality of life for their families,” remarked Speaker Howell. “Today, we can all take a measure of satisfaction in being well on our way to achieving that goal at this session’s midpoint. Our success so far is the result of the hard work and leadership of our entire caucus. We intend to keep working hard and finishing strong.”

The following is a list of selected Republican-sponsored bills passed by the House of Delegates, which now are on their way to the Senate of Virginia for further consideration.

Medicaid Reforms

As a member of the House Health, Welfare and Institutions Committee, Del. Chris Peace works hard to advance the comprehensive package of fundamental reforms to the Medicaid program. Leveraging the forces of the marketplace to customize services to meet the needs of Virginia's various Medicaid populations, enhancing personal responsibility, empowering individuals to manage their healthcare, bridging public and private coverage, and containing the growth of Medicaid expenditures in the Commonwealth are the key components of the comprehensive reform proposals championed by House Republicans.

HB 757 (Co-Patron Peace) Provides a comprehensive set of reforms to Medicaid including expanding disease management,implementing electronic benefit transfers and electronic health records, and initiating online eligibility and claims reviews.

Passed House 100-0

HB 758 (Co-Patron Peace) Convenes a Medicaid Revitalization Committee to develop recommendations to the state plan or request for federal waivers to implement necessary reforms including Health Opportunity Accounts, disease management, managed care, or electronic benefit transfers .

Passed House 100-0

HB 759 (Co-Patron Peace) Requires the development of a public-private long-term care partnership designed to reduce Medicaid costs for long-term care by delaying or eliminating dependence on Medicaid.

Passed House 97-0-1

Reforming State Government

Delegate Peace believes in limited government and addressing waste. Peace is working with House Republicans to work toward their long-term goal of streamlining government, identifying cost-savings and administrative efficiencies, and controlling bureaucratic growth. This session, an added emphasis has been given to improving and strengthening disclosure requirements for lobbyists and interest groups, candidates, and elected officials.

HB 110 Adds to state agencies’ strategic plans the examination of the impact and response to the aging population of Virginia

Passed House 98-0

HB 543 Provides several clarifications and expansions to those covered under the lobbyist registration and disclosure provisions.

Passed House 76-20

HB 544 Requires the Department of Planning and Budget to prepare and provide reports analyzing each state agency’s budget to both the Governor and the General Assembly.

Passed House 64-36

HB 972 Campaign Finance Disclosure Act of 2006 enacts a new campaign finance disclosure act.

Passed House 97-0

HB 1143 Requires that candidates file a statement of organization within 10 days of appointing a campaign treasurer, designating a campaign committee, or designating a campaign depository.

Passed House 97-0

HB 1473 Implements strategic program measures and performance standards and targets in the executive budget.

Passed House 100-0

HB 1074 Clarifies that members of the General Assembly are not entitled to receive additional compensation for attending meetings of boards, commissions, and other bodies when the General Assembly is in active session.

Passed House 100-0

This list is not intended to be a complete compilation of Republican-sponsored legislation in the 2006 Session.

Additional House Republican initiatives are included in the 2006-2008 Biennial Budget (HB 30) and will be detailed during House floor debate next week.