A common sense conservative

When the General Assembly goes into session mid-January, taxes will become the central point of debate.

Gov. Elect Kaine and other liberals are already positioning themselves for tax increases. Legislators are realizing that Virginia is one of only 21 states that still believe in “taxation without respiration.” Ever since 2002 conservative Republicans in the General Assembly have been working to abolish the death tax.

Our dream may become a reality this year if we get a conservative majority. The General Assembly will also debate lowering or raising the gas tax, and whether or not to fully repeal the car tax. These are three areas that are known, Lord only knows what else the liberals have up their sleeve.

You will not hear much about revenue being taken out of the Transportation Fund for other purposes. We need a leader representing us who not only promised to fight for lower taxes, but has a proven record of defeating them.

That common sense conservative is Chris Peace. He helped to organize Virginians for Death Tax Repeal, a coalition of hundreds of businesses and concerned citizens across the state. Chris Peace successfully spearheaded the defeat of food and meals taxes in Hanover and Henrico. Chris Peace has a plan to fully repeal the car tax and oppose gas tax increases.

We have a great opportunity for Hanover to fill not only the Lieutenant Governor and Senate seats, but also two seats in the house. I urge you to please support Chris Peace with your vote later this month.

Paul Dorn