The Caroline Progress: Peace for guns and sportsmen

Republican Peace fires off a plan to protect second amendment right to hunt and fish Republican Chris Peace has offered his five-point plan for protecting the Second Amendment and law-abiding gun owners, as the next Delegate from Virginia’s 97th House District.

“With the voters’ support, I will be a strong advocate for every Virginian’s constitutional right to keep and bear arms and I will not back down in the face of liberal, anti-gun special interests,” Peace said. “Hunters, clay and paper target range shooters, and personal security gun owners are protected by the Constitution and they deserve my unwavering support. Protection of this fundamental right is a key part of my legislative agenda.”

Peace’s five-point plan for protecting Virginia gun owners:

* Oppose all legislation that would place new restrictions upon responsible firearm ownership and use.

* Support an individual’s right to use deadly force in defending his or her family and home and personal safety from home invaders and other violent criminals.

* Make sure that the US Fish & Wildlife Service’s Pittman-Robertson Fund grants to the Game Department are used only for programs that directly benefit the hunters who provided these funds, and also make sure that sufficient matching money from license sales is always available to qualify the Game Department to receive these grants.

* Support legislation to prevent criminals from suing their victims for injuries they received when the victim defended his/herself from their assaults, home invasions and other crimes.

* Stop all local government restrictions on possession or use of firearms for sport or personal security. Uniform statewide laws and regulations are best for Virginians. Shooting ranges are a necessary resource for new shooters to learn safe and responsible handling of a firearm and to develop the skill needed to be safe shooters.

The National Rifle Association recently commented on Peace’s future political opportunities, commending his “commitment to promoting the Second Amendment.” Joel Partridge, Virginia State Liaison for the NRA, told Peace in an Oct. 6, 2005 letter: “It is clear that you are among the future leaders in the fight to protect our freedoms, heritage and traditions. Working together, I am confident that we can secure these cherished freedoms for future generations.”

Peace will run for the House of Delegates 97th District seat in a Special Election in late January or early February after Delegate Ryan McDougle wins his bid on Jan. 3 for the Senate 4th District seat vacated by Lt. Governor-elect Bill Bolling.

A native resident of Hanover, Peace lives in Mechanicsville with his wife Ashley, who is also from Hanover.